Selecting and buying items for your home is not only a financial decision, but also an emotional one. It is our goal to be sure you are comfortable and satisfied throughout the entire process at J. Tribble.

We stand behind the quality of each and every one of our products. Every piece of furniture, accessory, or artwork was hand picked and thoughtfully chosen or custom designed to sell as part of the J. Tribble Collection. Each one is a unique piece – not found elsewhere and offered at a fair market price.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase or any part of your experience, just let us know. We’ll work with you to make it right.

Payment Options

Credit cards – We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. There will be a 3% fee added to a credit card transaction.

Personal checks and money orders are also accepted.

Sales tax – We’re required to collect sales tax according to the specific sales tax law for your state.




All sales require a 50% deposit to place the order, with remaining 50% due before delivery.  Sales of in-stock product require 100% payment plus shipping before delivery.  Interest of 1.5% per month will be applied to any balance due past 21 days of notice of completion.  No orders will be shipped on accounts that have a past due balance.  Payments must be made by credit card, corporate check, money order, or cash and rendered in United States dollars.  Counter checks can not be accepted.


J. Tribble custom sink bases are fitted with wood/ MDF tops.  These tops are constructed, assembled and finished with the best materials possible for fine furniture known to withstand water and moisture.  Since J. Tribble cannot control the conditions or circumstances surrounding their use, it is highly recommended that the customer install a stone or hard surface top.

We do not guarantee the top finish on our custom sink bases. 

Overspray from some cleaners, acetone products, and various other products coming in contact with the top WILL affect the finish.  Water should not penetrate except at incorrectly sealed openings or penetrations/ breaks in the finish.  On veneered pieces, breaks in the finish can be caused by crazing, a naturally occurring movement of the wood beneath the top coats of finish that cannot be predicted.  All of our tops are removable in the event a top becomes damaged and must be replaced.

Custom Wood Sink Base Tops

All wood/MDF tops are made for easy removal. All woods used for our custom sink base cabinets are sealed to resist water. All woods used for our sink base cabinets, especially sink base tops, are sealed to resist water.  Cut appropriate openings for sinks using only the templates provided by the manufacturers.  All cuts should be sufficiently sealed with a water sealant such as polyurethane.  When installing faucets, always use rubber gasket provided by the faucet manufacturer and seal with caulking.  Harsh chemicals can destroy the finish of the wooden top.  Do not use chemicals such as nail polish remover near the cabinet.  Clean the surface with a damp cloth and an occasional application of paste wax.

Price List Information

All prices listed are retail, unless otherwise noted, and subject to change without notice. All dimensions shown in this price list are approximate and subject to slight variations.  J. Tribble reserves the right to make modifications to designs or to discontinue certain styles without notice.


All orders are F.O.B. from our shipping location in Atlanta, Georgia.  J. Tribble reserves the right to make partial shipments as merchandise is completed, and to choose the carrier with which to ship unless otherwise specified by the client.  All shipping charges must be included in final payment before product delivery or paid directly to the shipper upon delivery.

Storage Fees

J. Tribble will hold completed and sold pieces for 2 weeks.  After that period, storage fees can be charged on merchandise that is ready for shipment but is delayed due to the customer.  All fees must be paid before the order is shipped.


Cancellations will not be accepted on work already in production.  Any orders, custom or stock sized pieces, cancelled before production may be subject to a 10% cancellation charge on stock pieces or forfeit of the deposit amount for custom orders.


Returns are not allowed without written authorization from J. Tribble.  All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. If item has been shipped, you are responsible for the full freight amount for outgoing and return shipping. J. Tribble does not refund shipping amounts.

Rush Orders

We are not always able to accommodate rush orders. When we can, orders must be paid in full before processing.

Wood Finishes

Since our products are manufactured by hand from natural materials, there may be variations in size and color.  We do strive to keep these to a minimum.  The entire range or color, texture and pattern of woods used cannot be represented in one sample or a series of samples.  Varying light conditions will also affect the appearance of the finished product. Images seen online do not always accurately show the color of an item. Please ask for detailed images or a sample to confirm color.

Damage in Transit

All product is inspected through a quality-control system before shipping.  The delivering carrier is responsible for damages (visible or concealed) that occur during transit or at the time of delivery.  It is the receiver/consignee who must mark exceptions on the delivery receipt.  These exceptions include, but are not limited to, all holes, dents or broken cartons/crates.  Written notice of loss due to damage visible or concealed or shortage must be reported to J. Tribble within 48 hours of receiving the shipment. You must keep all packing material and the affected carton/crate for inspection by the delivering carrier.  Written notice of loss due to non-delivery must be reported to J. Tribble within 28 days after acceptance of the shipment for carriage.  You agree to work with the insurance company when repairs are required.  If there is damage you agree to have the item repaired.  J. Tribble is not responsible for replacing an item that is repairable.


Any claims for repair or replacement of defective product must be made in writing to J. Tribble. You must receive written authorization from J. Tribble before returning an item to us. J. Tribble cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by non-delivery due to an act of God, fire, accident, hostility, blockades, embargoes or any other cause beyond J. Tribble’s control.  The purchaser understands and agrees that no agent, employee or representative of J. Tribble has the authority to bind J. Tribble to any affirmation, agreement, representation or guarantee concerning any product of J. Tribble unless provided in writing by an officer of J. Tribble.