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Convertible Antiques

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  • Regency Style Marquetry Commode

    Regency Marquetry Commode, 45.5″ W;

  • Dutch 3 Drawer Commode

    Dutch 3 Drawer Commode, 34″ W;

  • Empire Commode with Stone Top

    Empire Commode w/Stone Top, 44″ W;

  • Empire Period Commode

    Empire Period Commode, 49.5″ W;

  • Oak 3 drawer commode

    Oak 3-Drawer Commode, 51″ W;

  • French Louis XVI Commode

    Louis XVI Commode, 46 1/2″ W

  • French Commode Louis Phillipe

    Louis-Phillippe Period Commode, 51″W – ON HOLD

  • French Two Drawer Commode

    French 2-Drawer Commode, 37″ W;

  • French 4 drawer commode

    French 4-Drawer Commode, 36″ W;

  • Three Drawer Carved Commode

    Three Drawer Carved Commode, 39 1/2″

  • Two drawer ribbed commode

    Two Drawer Ribbed Commode, 47″ W

  • Oak Buffet

    Oak Buffet, 47 1/2″ W

  • Louis XV Style Painted Oak Commode

    Louis XV Style Painted Oak Commode, 43 1/2″ W

  • 19th C. Two Drawer Commode - 46 1/2″ W

    19th C. Two Drawer Commode , 46 1/2″ W

  • Louis XVI Style Commode

    Louis XVI Style Commode, 49″ W

  • Louis XV Painted Commode

    Louis XV Painted Commode, 50 1/2″ W

  • Louis XV Style Commode

    Louis XV Style Two Drawer Commode, 42 1/2″ W

  • Louis XVI Painted Commode

    Louis XVI Painted Commode, 47 1/2″ W

  • Painted 3 Drawer Commode

    Painted 3 Drawer Commode, 39 1/2″ W

  • Louis XV Style Commode with 3 drawers

    Louis XV Style 3 Drawer Commode, 45 1/2″ W

  • French Dough Bin - 47" W

    French Dough Bin, 47″ W

  • Restoration Period Commode

    Restoration Period Commode, 51″ W

  • English Oak Enfilade - Double Sink base

    English Oak Enfilade, 73 1/2″ W

  • Oak Louis XV Commode from J. Tribble

    Oak Louis XV Commode, 36″ W
    #FR2018b – 24

  • Walnut Parisienne Commode-FR-2018b-22

    Walnut Parisienne Commode, 50″ W

  • Small Louis XV Style Commode

    Small Louis XV Style Commode, 32″ W

  • French Louis XV Buffet

    French Louis XV Buffet, 54″ W

  • Louis XV Walnut Commode - France

    Louis XV Walnut Commode, 48.5″ W

  • Restoration Style French Sink Base Cabinet

    One Door Restoration Style Cabinet, 28.5″ W

  • Parisienne Style Louis XV Cabinet

    Parisienne Style Louis XV Cabinet, 45″ W

  • Walnut Louis XV Commode

    Walnut Louis XV Commode, 50″ W

  • Dutch Louis XV Commode

    Dutch Louis XV Commode, 50″ W

  • French Oak Buffet, 52″ W

  • Cherry Louis XV Style Corner Cabinet

    Cherry Louis XV Style Corner Cabinet, 22″ W

  • Louis XV Style French Sink Base Cabinet

    One Door Louis XV Style Cabinet, 30.5″ W

  • Louis XVI Oak Commode

    Louis XVI Oak Commode, 53″ W

  • Louis XV Style Painted Buffet

    Louis XV Style Painted Commode, 55″ W

  • Bombay Louis XV Style Commode - Painted-no-sink

    Bombay Louis XV Style-44″ W

  • Louis XVI Cabinet with 2 Doors

    Louis XVI Cabinet with 2 Doors, 50″

  • Bombay Louis XV Style

    Bombay Louis XVI Style Cabinet, 48″ W

  • Walnut Louis XV Cabinet

    Walnut Louis XV Cabinet, 28.5″ W

  • Louis XV Commode with two drawers

    Louis XV Commode with 2 Drawers, 37.5″ W

  • Empire Commode

    Empire Commode, 40.4″ W

  • Renaissance Style Table

    Renaissance Style Table

  • Louis XVI Style Fancy Console

    Louis XVI Style Fancy Console, 51.5″ W

  • Louis XVI Style Console

    Painted Oak Ribbed Commode, 51″ W

  • French Applewood Buffet

    French Applewood Buffet, 56″ W

  • Louis XVI Style Chest with 3 drawers

    Louis XVI Style Chest w/Three Drawers, 56″ W

  • French Walnut Commode

    Walnut Two Drawer Commode, 45.25″ W

  • Walnut Three Darawer Commode with fancy carving

    Walnut Commode with Fancy Carving, 45.25″ W

  • 20th Century French Walnut Enfilade

    French Enfilade, 99″ W

  • Antique Bombay Commode with Marquetry – 41″ W

    Antique Bombay Commode with Marquetry, 41.5″ W
    #FR-2018a-16 – SOLD

  • Antique Carved Cherry Buffet

    Antique Carved Cherry Buffet, 50.5″ W

  • Belgian Antique Chest

    Fancy Belgian Antique Chest, 56″ W

  • Antique Walnut Two Door Buffet

    Antique Walnut Two Door Buffet, 51.5″ W

  • Convertible Antique-Heavily Carved Antique Cupboard - 26" W

    Heavily Carved Antique Cupboard, 26″ W

  • French Table with Barley Twist Legs with vessel

    French Walnut Table with Barley Twist Legs, 39.5″ W

  • Italian buffet sink base

    Italian Walnut Buffet – 49″ W