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Installed Sink Bases

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  • Custom Madelaine Double Sink Base

    Custom Double Sink Base – BHDM145 -CU1

  • Double Abilene Sink Base- AB2

  • Installed Americana Sink Base

    Americana Sink Base- AM1

  • Bamboo Double Sink Base- BA3

  • Installed Brighton Sink Base

    Brighton Sink Base- BI4

  • Bamboo 60" Vanity - Custom Color

    Bamboo 60″ Sink Base- BA1

  • Twin Bamboo Sink Bases- BA4

  • Bamboo Sink Base- BA5

  • Installed Bamboo Sink Base -Polo Blue

    Bamboo Sink Base- BA2

  • Beadboard Sink Base- BB1

  • Bluffton Sink Base- BL1

  • Brighton Sink Base

    Brighton Sink Base in Burr Oak- BN1

  • Installed Brighton Sink Base with Doors

    Brighton w/ Doors Sink Base-BN2

  • Installed Double Brighton Custom Sink Base - J. Tribble

    Brighton Double Sink Base- BI5

  • Bristol Sink Base - 60" Width

    Bristol Sink Base – 60″ W- BR1

  • Bristol sink base with doors

    Bristol Sink Base- BR2

  • Bristol Sink Base

    Bristol Sink Base- BR3

  • installed Lipstick Red Bristol

    Bristol Sink Base- BR4

  • Installed Double Bristol Sink Base

    Bristol Double Sink Base- BR5

  • Custom Installed Bristol Sink Base. Design: Laura Lee Design

    Bristol Sink Base- BR7

  • Custom installed Bristol Sink Base Cabinet

    Bristol Sink Base- BR6

  • Custom Installed Bristol Sink Base

    Bristol Sink Base – Moonlight- BR8

  • Bristol Sink Base in Powder Room

    Bristol Sink Base- BR9

  • Bristol Sink Base in Barn Red

    Bristol Sink Base with Drawers- BR10

  • Installed Bristol Sink Base Vanity

    Bristol Sink Base Vanity- BR11

  • Bristol Sink Base- BR13

  • Double Bristol Sink Base-BR12

  • Brighton Veneer Sink Base

    Brighton Sink Base- BI3

  • Bristol Double Sink Base- BR14

  • Bristol Sink Base - Moonlight

    Bristol Sink Base – BR15

  • Bristol Sink Base & Mirror Frame- BI6

  • Bristol Sink Base

    Bristol Sink Base – BR16

  • Clare Sink Base- CL1

  • Installed Chinoiserie Sink Base Cabinet

    Chinoiserie Sink Base – CH1

  • Custom Campbell Sink Base - Painted in Mouse's Back by Farrow & Ball - 65" x 22" x 35"

    Custom ‘Campbell’ Sink Base- CU6

  • Customized Cottage Sink Base & Cabinets

    Custom Cottage Collection Sink Base & Cabinets- CU7

  • custom master bath vanity with mirrored doors

    Custom Master Bath Vanity with Mirrored Doors- CU4

  • Painted Country French Sink Base- CF1

  • Country French Sink Base

    Country French Sink Base w/glaze- CF2

  • Custom Country French Master Bathroom

    Country French Master Bathroom- CF3

  • Installed Custom Country French Sink Base - Cream

    Custom Country French Sink Base- CF4

  • Demilune Sink Base; Designer: Leslie Dean Interiors, Inc.

    Demilune Sink Base- DE3

  • Installed Fincher Sink Base

    Fincher Sink Base- FI1

  • Fincher Sink Base with Tower Cabinet- FI2

  • Installed Giovanni Sink Base

    Giovanni Sink Base- GI1

  • Gustavian Sink Base- GU2

  • Installed Gustavian Sink Base Vanity

    Gustavian Sink Base Vanity- GU1

  • Installed Hepplewhite Sink Base

    Hepplewhite Sink Base- HE1

  • Javier Sink Base - Installed

    Javier Sink Bases- JA1

  • Karen Sink Base - Benjamin Moore, Province Blue

    Karen Sink Base- KN2

  • Karen Sink Base

    Karen Sink Base in Onyx- KN1

  • Custom Limed Oak Sink Base

    Custom Limed Oak Sink Base- CU2

  • Custom Bath Cabinets in Lucille style

    Master Bath with Custom Cabinets- CU3

  • Lucille Sink Base- LU5

  • Lucille Sink Base- LU4

  • Installed Double Lucille Sink Base

    Lucille Double Sink Base- LU1

  • Installed Lucille Vanity

    Solid Wood Lucille Sink base- LU3

  • Installed Solid Wood Lucille Vanity

    Solid Wood Lucille Sink Base- LU2

  • Installed Madelaine Sink Base

    Madelaine Sink Base- MD3

  • Installed White Washed Madelaine Vanity

    Madelaine Sink Base- MD2

  • Installed Walnut Madelaine Sink Base by J. Tribble

    Madelaine Sink Base- MA1

  • Twin Walnut Madelaine Sink Bases, 60" x 23" 36"

    Twin Madelaine Sink Bases – MA4

  • Miranda Sink Base- MA3

  • Miranda Sink Base- MA2

  • Installed Miranda Sink Base

    Miranda Sink Base- MI1

  • Double Newport Sink Base- NE

  • Painted Novella Sink Base

    Painted Novella – Powder Room- NO1

  • Hand Painted Novella Vanity

    Painted Novella Sink Base- NO5

  • Double Painted Novella Sink Base- NO6

  • Black and Gold Novella Demilune

    Painted Black & Gold Novella Demilune- DE1

  • Painted Novella- NO7

  • Installed Painted Novella Demilune Sink Base

    Painted Novella Demilune Sink Base- DE2

  • Hand Painted Novella - Custom Color

    Painted Novella Sink Base- NO4

  • Hand Painted Red Novella Sink Base with complementing tub panels

    Painted Novella Sink Base – NO3

  • Installed Painted Novella

    Painted Novella Sink Base- NO2

  • Double Novella Sink Base- NO5

  • Double Novella Sink Base-NO4

  • Pierre Sink Base (31") in a raked oak with custom bronze hardware

    Pierre Sink Base- PI2

  • Installed Double Pierre Sink base

    Double Pierre Sink Base- PI1

  • Double Pompeii Sink Base and Linen Cabinet- PO1

  • Double Flat Panel Sink Base- FP1

  • Raised Panel Sink Base

    Raised Panel Sink Base in Onyx -RP1

  • Double Raised Panel Sink Base- RP3

  • Raised Panel Sink Base- RP4

  • installed raised panel sink base

    Raised Panel Sink Base- RP2

  • Installed Beadboard Sink Base - Steel Wool

    Raised Panel Sink Base- RP5

  • Installed Raised Panel Sink Base_42

    Raised Panel Sink Base

  • Sonoma Bathroom Vanity

    Sonoma Bathroom Vanity- SO1

  • Double Tuscan Console Sink Base- TU11

  • Double Tuscany Sink Base- TU10

  • Double Tuscany Sink Base - Master Bathroom

    Double Tuscany Sink Base- TU6

  • Painted Tuscany Sink Base- TU8

  • Cherry Tuscan Console

    Tuscan Console Sink Base – TC1

  • Double Tuscan Console Installed Sink Base- TU14

  • Double Tuscany Bathroom Vanity

    Double Tuscany Bathroom Vanity- TU4

  • Custom Tuscany Sink Base

    Tuscany Sink Base- TU2

  • Installed Tuscany Sink Base

    Tuscany Sink Base- TU3

  • Tuscany Sink Base- TU13

  • Installed Tuscany Sink Base

    Tuscany Sink Base- TU12

  • Tuscany Sink Base- TU9

  • Tuscany Sink Base-TU5

  • Tuscany Sink Base with Towers- TU7

  • Customized Valentino Sink Base

    Customized Valentino Sink Base – VA1

  • Valentino Sink Base

    Valentino Sink Base- VA2

  • Valentino Custom Sink Base in Walnut with Silver detail

    Custom Valentino Sink Base- VA3

  • Custom Valentino Sink Base

    Custom Valentino Sink Base- VA4

  • Valentino Sink Base - 60"

    Custom Valentino Sink Base- VA5

  • Valentino Vanity & Linen Cupboard- VA5

  • Matching Venetian Sink Bases and Custom Gothic Mirror Frames

    Two Installed Venetian Sink Bases- VE1

  • Installed Double Venetian Sink Base in French Walnut

    Double Venetian Sink Base- VE2

  • Double Venetian Sink Base- VE3

  • Double Venetian Sink Base- VE4

  • custom gray sink base with drawers

    Wesley Sink Base – Custom – WE3

  • 60" Wesley in French Gray

    Wesley Sink Base- WE2

  • Custom Painted Wesley Installed Sink Base

    Wesley Sink Base with Drawers- WE1