made in America - J. Tribble

Hand Crafted and American Made

We at J. Tribble are proud to say the majority of our custom sink base styles are built at our workshop in Atlanta by a group of artisans dedicated to their craft. Each one can be made to any specification to meet individual needs.

“Building boxes and creating a unique and inspiring piece of cabinetry are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Most ‘cabinet shops’ today are modernized to the point of taking all craftsmanship out of all the processes associated with our industry. On the other hand, at J. Tribble we use our imagination, talent, and a combination of power and hand-tools to create an heirloom that will be passed down for generations. We don’t build box cabinets here. As the old masters did, we create artistic pieces with craftsmanship which will be J. Tribble’s legacy throughout the years.” Robert Elliott, Shop Foreman

Now more than ever, small businesses across America need to support one another and our fellow countrymen. By continuing to seek out crafts people, we’re reducing our environmental impact and reinvesting in our local community. A custom sink base from J. Tribble is not just another piece of furniture.